KUALA LUMPUR, March 16 (Bernama) — Malaysians needing to travel to Japan are advised to avoid areas in disaster-hit northeast Japan due to disruption of essential services such as transport and electric power.

The Foreign Ministry in a statement here said Malaysians should avoid travelling to the affected areas following a directive by the Japanese authorities to people living within 30km of the Fukushima nuclear power station to remain indoors.

It said Malaysian citizens in the affected prefectures, which are facing shortages of food, water and other essential items, are advised to leave for Tokyo and contact the Malaysian Embassy in Tokyo at (+813) 34763840 or via e-mail to

It also said that Malaysians in Japan were encouraged to register through the Foreign Ministry’s Registration of Malaysians Abroad E-Consular system at the website

“By registering, Malaysians make it easier for the Embassy to contact them in case of emergencies,” it said.

The Foreign Ministry also advised Malaysians in Japan to be alert to any directives issued by the local authorities concerning their safety and security.

“Malaysians are to keep abreast of news from reliable sources and not to pay attention to rumours that can be misleading and cause undue worries,” it said.

The ministry was constantly monitoring the situation in Japan through the Malaysian Embassy in Tokyo and the operations rooms at the Foreign Ministry and the Malaysian Embassy in Tokyo would continue to operate round-the-clock until further notice, the statement added.

Source from BERNAMA